About GYI


Since 2014, Green Youth Network and Tosaca Media Group in partnership with Energy and Water SETA and Fibre Processing and Manufacturing SETA have hosted 4 annual Indaba Summits, developing a network of over 10,000 young leaders from all over South Africa – Hosted by the Innovation Hub, the 5th Annual green Youth Indaba will take place on 28 – 29 June 2018 at the Innovation Hub, Pretoria.


Over 700 young environmental leaders will gather together at one of SA’s biggest innovation centres for two days of discussions, workshops and networking to help generate solutions to the environmental challenges the world faces.


The objective of the Green Youth Indaba is to go beyond exploring opportunities for youth within the green economy but to effectively explore and unpack necessary strategies that can create an easy access to support and funding for green innovation and the skills transfer needed to eradicate youth unemployment and poverty.


The conference yearly is expected to bring together over 700 exceptional young people, specially selected by their universities, municipalities and organisation, based on the initiative these young people are doing to better our environment. These youth and industry experts will come across South Africa to discuss the most pressing Environmental issues and the green opportunities for youth within government, private sector and cities in South Africa.


Annually this this high impact Indaba examines the role of government, private sector ,and young people in the skilling and developing of the youth to increase economic growth through the green economy. Stakeholders attending the annual Indaba, whether from government; social organisations; private business or representative agencies, often find opportunities to partner and participate in the development of our societies and support of green initiatives and ideas. Invited political heads will deliver keynote addresses while green experts in the industry present progress of the green economy, government efforts, plans and opportunities available for youth.


This is the only event of its kind to deliver industry market youth focused intelligence in a compact two day format, combined with categorized and sector industry presentations on the latest Environmental advancements specifically focused to all that affects the youth.