Felleng Yende has been CEO of the FP&M SETA since May 2013. Felleng graduated from the University of Western Cape with a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) Honours degree in Social Work, and graduated from the University of the Witwatersrand with a Master’s degree in Public and Development Management. Felleng also completed a higher diploma in Integrated Marketing Communications at the AAA School of Advertising, as well as attended an African Leadership intervention at Harvard University in the USA.

Felleng emanates from a strong socio-economic transformation background, and has been a driving force behind transformation change and drafting policies and modules for implementation in various multitudes, she obtained an “A” in Strategy Leadership at the University of Wits in her Master programme. Felleng contributed meaningfully in the improvement of her former employers’ transformation imperative.

Her move to FP&M SETA was a strategic one aimed at ensuring a smooth transition after the amalgamation of three SETAs, and to steer the organisation in a new leadership direction. In July 2015, Felleng was recognised through an award of being South Africa’s Most Influential Woman in Business & Government by the CEO Global.